Best cardio guide to lose weight fast in 2019

Want to get rid of those stubborn fats in your body? You will receive all the necessary help today! Here you will learn everything about cardio as well as the tips to lose weight quickly using effective solution. Through exercising by using the a specific cardio exercise equipment (listed below) which is found to have the most potential in burning calories in the human body that is concluded by researchers from many universities. Continue to read and you will lose weight in no time!

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What is cardio?

Cardio simply means increasing your heart rate and breathing rate, as well as getting your blood pumping . There are 101 ways to get involved in cardio activities. In fact, by just walking across the street, you are actually engaging in cardio exercise. Naturally, depending on the intensity level of the activity, your body will sweat and feel tired. Sounds exhausting huh? Its actually great for your health and you should be encouraged to add more cardio related work into your daily activities.

What are the different cardio exercises?

Playing sports is one of the many ways to get your heart pump faster and make you perspire more. The popular ones are basketball, soccer, swimming and tennis (of course there are more). Sports and games has this interesting element that motivate players to accept a healthy lifestyle and involve actively in cardio exercise. But the MOST effective cardio exercise is running. According to a research conducted by Duke university, they found out that running actually burns the most calories as compared to many other workouts, for instance rope jumping and stairs climbing.

When a person runs, one would think that the runner is just engaging his legs. But no, he is actually engaging his entire body. When he runs, his motion and momentum will naturally cause his arms to swing. He is unknowingly flexing and relaxing his arm muscles, just like what his legs are doing. This helps to strengthen his muscles. His abdomen will also be working out. Eventually a simple motion of running for a period of time has the power to burn out his fats from everywhere on his body.

How and why is cardio exercise important for our lives? What kind of benefits are there?

Cardio exercise is no doubt important for all of us. It helps to manage our weight. Humans can never let go our love for food, so in order to counter the unhealthy impurities in our body, cardio exercises can help us to burn those excess and unwanted fats in our body.

Another reason why cardio is essential because it can unclog our arteries, so our blood can flow smoothly and our organs can function better. I am sure something you didn’t know is that diabetes can also be controlled when one is consistently doing cardio workouts. This is possible because the muscles actually utilize the glucose in the body so the blood sugar is under control. Harmful toxic in the body can also be flushed out through perspiration.

Other benefits include improving the body’s metabolism and reducing the risk of having a heart disease.

Who is it for?

Cardio does not limit to age, size or gender. Anybody can take part in cardio exercise.

Young children should be active in cardio as it helps to produce more healthy growth hormones in their body. So they can grow well before, during, and after puberty.

Similarly, the elderly must keep up with cardio training because their body is ageing and their health is deteriorating. Through cardio, their muscles and bones can be toughen to reduce the effects of old age. The pain in their joints can also be cut down significantly over time.

As for the adults, needless to say, this group of people should work out the most. If you haven’t realise, people between age 21-50 are facing the most stress. Their body may go heywire and develop illness due to the immense pressure they face that is related to work, family and friends.

However, literally nothing can stop someone from having the right mindset to keep fit and stay healthy. You just need to have the determination to start working out. (Visit my instagram page for motivation!) Eventually you will own the body you always wanted- lean muscles, slim waist and thighs. Your healthy will also improve tremendously.

How frequent must we do cardio exercise in order to lose weight?

Consistency is the key. The National Institute of Health recommended everyone to do at least 30-45 minutes of cardio training a 3-5 times a week. By doing a little lesser is fine, since nowadays our schedules and work load are packed. But like doing 10 minutes of cardio a week is considered too less. You may not see any effects on your body or any results you aimed for.

However, doing too much at one go, for example running for hours which you have never done before in your entire life, is also not good for your body. You can potentially injure your muscles or overwork your heart which can even cause death. The trick to do safely is to build up your stamina slowly. Start low and consistently increase your workout duration and increase the intensity of your workout. Learn more on the most effective cardio workout routine here.

Where is the best place to do cardio exercise?

As mentioned above, any activity that involves working your heart is counted as cardio. So you can do it at anywhere, and at anytime. You can choose to jog around your neighbourhood, go for a swim at a nearby pool, go for hiking at a nature reserve. If you do not prefer outdoor, you can also visit an indoor gym and try out their cardio exercise machines.

Fun fact: millions of people visit the gym millions of times a day. They are more popular than you think. There are also uncountable people around the world creating their own home gym for convenience. Scientists and innovators work tirelessly to do research in order to find out how our body can get the best results from an equipment. So they shape out and create high-tech gym machines to suit our needs as well as make it productive. Therefore, all of us can trust gym equipment to aid us in reaping the full benefits.

But sometimes, subscribing to a membership of a local gym can be quite expensive. If you add up the monthly cost, you will realise that lots of money is invested annually. This is why experts suggest everyone to create their own customized home gym that can be suit your financial ability, include whatever special equipment you like, exercise whenever you want, and most importantly you won’t have to fight for the equipment with other users.

Which equipment is the best to see results?

I have done many researches and studies. All concluded that treadmills are by far the BEST exercise machine to do your cardio workout. Most treadmills have the ability to allow you to choose the distance you would like to run. Treadmills are also smart enough to track your workout records to better plan your exercise plans. Adjustment of speed and incline gradient is also possible. This is to increase the intensity level to build up your stamina as well as endurance. They can fit in most of our houses, even small houses. So storage should not be a problem.

What kind of treadmill is recommended?

Ancheer App control electric treadmill

What’s so special and different from other treadmills?

designed for home gym

-able to use their app to control the treadmill, to track your workout and adjust your workout plan

-foldable, good for storage

-you can play music by connecting your phone to the speaker

-in the case where you fall while running on the treadmill, with the safety clip on, it can trigger the auto stop function to reduce your injury. This is very important!!!

How come it is so popular?

-it is SUPER affordable. Most treadmill that has such great quality cost at least $1000

-high seller ranking on Amazon customer reviews of 5.0 out of 5 stars, this is very rare to see, it proves how good the product is designed and well liked.

Product testing reviews:

-I can’t emphasize on how affordable it is, as compared to industry average price.

– it is very durable, I have been using it for 1 year plus already and its condition is just like new.

-I bought one for my grandparents and they love it. It is a form of therapy or rather strengthening their aged body.

Workout routine:

Before starting workout: Eat/drink some supplements to boost your energy. Check out on my top recommendations on supplements/vitamins here.

Personally I have try some of these supplements. I can really feel that there are making my workout more efficient. In the past, I used to get tired easily while doing cardio and strength training. Now, I always feel energized and recovery faster. Find out more supplements/vitamins to get your body and mind healthy.

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Warm up:

Stretch the glutes, calf and thigh muscles, do a circling rotation of hips and ankles for a few seconds. Once done, switch on the machine, walk with a slow pace at zero incline for 3-5 min

Option 1 (Long run):

Start running at a fast and constant pace for 20 min. No rest in between. If you find it too tough, then decrease the speed. The whole idea here is not to stop during this 20min. You got to be very determined to finish, or else you can give up and be fat forever. (Sorry, I got to be harsh. Its for your own good). For beginners, start with a slower pace, and gradually increase the speed in the future.

Option 2 (Interval):

Slow jog for 1 min. Then increase to a pace where you think you are sprinting the fastest you can ever run. Do this for 30 secs. Then recover by doing another slow jog for 1 min. Repeat the whole process for 5-8 times.

Cool down:

Walk for 5 min. Gradually your heart rate will go down. Stretchyour calf and thigh muscles for few seconds. Eat/drink some supplementsto help you gain back your energy, help repair your muscles faster, and give you the necessary vitamins.


*Prefer option 2: More intense = lose more fats
*Try to run at least 3 times a week to see fast results
*You can choose to increase the incline so as to increase the difficulty.
*Gradually increase running time for long run
*Gradually increase sprinting time for each interval
*Gradually increase the number of interval repetitions.

For people with small houses, don’t worry that it doesn’t fit in your house. I fits well in my house and my house is tiny. So there is no problem with the size. But that doesn’t mean its too small till it becomes uncomfortable for you to run. The size is just right!

User feedback:

I lost 8 kg in 2 weeks following this routine. I have a habit of eating a lot and I am putting on weight. I knew I need to exercise but don’t know where to start. Thankfully I found this website that provides workout routine and recommends products. Well invested!-Jessica Korrin, has been using my recommended treadmill for 2 years and 8 months now

Alternatively, if you still think treadmill is not suitable for you, you can opt for the 2nd most effective cardio exercise equipment which is exercise bike. They are also proven and supported by well known universities researchers and fitness professionals to help obese people to lose weight quickly. Just like treadmill, exercise bike is also very popular and is a must-have item for your home gym.

During an exercise session on the exercise bike, not just your legs but the entire body will be engaged to get worked out. Fats all over your body will get burned and calories will be lost. Experts are creating more sofisticated exercise bike that has more features than the older exercise bikes.

Which exercise bike is recommended?

L now indoor cycling bike trainer belt drive and sturdy

What’s so special and different from other exercise bikes?

-Very affordable for a quality product like this.

-It has a patented belt-drive system that other companies never use, it makes cycling very smooth. You don’t have to oil or replace the parts like other exercise bikes.

-the seat and handles are able to adjust accordingly to your size or the position you want to in. So anyone can ride it with maximum comfort.

-it has a nice holder for your entertainment materials or devices like magazine, phone, ipad.

-easy to push and relocate it, simply but tilting it.

Why is it so popular?

Amazon customer review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Product testing reviews:

when I bought it, I’m amazed by how strong this exercise bike is. Although it stated that it has a 300 lbs user weight limit, it can definitely tolerate a weight that is far above this value. I cycled it, together with a bag filled with dumbbells tied to the seat and the total weight is above 450 lbs. Surprisingly, I was cycling without the bike shaking. Indeed very strong and durable. Not every product can withstand such weight. So if you are heavy, don’t worry.

Workout routine:

Before working out:

Eat/drink some supplements to boost your energy.

Warm up:

Stretch the glutes, calf and thigh muscles, do a circling rotation of hips and ankles for a few seconds. Once done, switch on the machine. Cycle at a slow pace for 3-5 min.

Interval workout:

Increase to moderate pace, cycle for 1min. Then increase to fast pace for 1 min. Then recover by cycling at a slow pace for 1min. Repeat this process for 5 sets.

Cool down:

Stretch your glutes, calf and thigh muscles for few seconds. Eat/drink some supplements to help you gain back your energy, help repair your muscles faster, and give you the necessary vitamins.


*Try to cycle at least 3 times a week to see fast results
*Can choose not to sit on the seat to increase difficulty
*Increase incline to increase difficulty
*Best to wear suitable shoes and insoles. Search for your insoles here.

User feedback:

Before 253 pounds, now 176 pounds. I should have bought it earlier so I wouldn’t be making my wife worried of my health. I will continue to use it for life…-Aaron Lee, has been using my recommended exercise bike for 3 years now

So there you have it! Everything you need to know to transform your body is revealed. Try out the recommended treadmill and exercise to see fast results. Start NOW so you won’t regret in the future!

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